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    Creative Cloud supported on Windows 10 Virtual Machines?


      I'm trying to install Illustrator Creative Cloud on a Windows 10 virtual machine running VMWare Fusion Pro on a MacBook Pro (OSX 10.11.3). The Creative Cloud Setup executable downloads and appears to run successfully, but ends in a Download Manager window with an unresponsive Continue button.    From the Creative Cloud Apps page (Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps) I can attempt an Illustrator download; the Desktop Manager starts up after a "Did you mean to switch apps" prompt from Microsoft Edge, but the DM shows a "Welcome to Creative Cloud" message with an unresponsive Continue button and the Illustrator CC download doesn't start.


      Has anyone been successful with Illustrator on Windows 10 in a VM?  Switching over to Bootcamp, installing Windows 10 and running Illustrator CC  in a dual-boot scenario isn't a very attractive option.