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    Multi Language via string

      Is there any way to change language that is builded by strign with xml.

      I need to change it manually.

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          shyaway Level 1
          a question ends with a question mark (?).

          Flash has the option to embed fonts. however, if you're using common fonts that comes on every system, you shouldn't need to embed it.

          You can also use the html text to format your font. As long as the user's system has the font, it will display correctly.

          Embeding the fonts increase the swf file size...
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            Rothrock Level 5
            shyaway I don't think that is what the OP is about.

            flaki – are you using Flash 7? If so I don't think you really can. That was part of why not so many people used strings panel in 7. It was based of of whatever language the Flash player thought your computer was using. I don't think you had access to anything that would allow you to manipulate it. But maybe I'm wrong.

            I think they updated it and made it so the user has a choice in Flash 8, but I don't have Flash 8 so I can't really help you. Just search for "Strings panel" in the help files and maybe on the web. Good luck.
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              flaki Level 1
              Hi all,

              shyaway: , Im using Flash 8. There is a option for Creating Multilanguage Text.
              The text will be displayed based on system language, automaticaly detect, and my question is:

              How can I make a script that change my language manually?

              You got my Q. There is no update in Flash 8 , maybe, and thats why Im asking. In Strin Panel is a way to add multi language xml files that you make IDs and translate that in you languages. e.g.

              ID | eng | ger|
              IDS_HELLO | HELLO | HALO
              but for switching there is no option, you can switch only from String Panel, maybe is only for test mode.

              And what is more interesting, there is no AS, and I don't know how to manipulate with that.


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                Rothrock Level 5
                I'm sorry I can't help you more with this as I don't have Flash8. But I really do think they made some changes to it and you should be able to do what you seem to be trying. Poke around a bit more and good luck.