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    Javascript code for Adobe Acrobat




      I have to use some Javascript code for a PDF file.

      I am just starting learning Javascript but I don't have all the knowledge for now.


      Here's my wish I would like : in the file we can see in Viewer Type: Adobe Acrobat.

      If I want to rewrite a text in this place I have to delete "Adobe Acrobat" and then I can write an another.


      But my wish is to click in this text "Adobe Acrobat" and when I click on it the text should disappear, and then I can rewrite on it.

      If nothing is written in this part "Adobe Acrobat" should come back.


      I don't know if my explication is good.


      Thanks for your help.




      Here's the link:


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          ciceroc69199093 Level 1

          Thank you for the link.

          Could you tell me how to put this code



          // Custom Format script for text field

          if (!event.value) {

          event.value = "Instructional text goes here";

          event.target.display = display.noPrint;

          } else {

          event.target.display = display.visible;



          into this


          var bAlreadyOpened;


          function docOpened()


          if(bAlreadyOpened != "true")


               // document has just been opened, reset form



                            // check version/type

                            var variation = app.viewerVariation;         

                            var version = app.viewerVersion;

                            var variationName = "";


                            if(variation == "Reader")


                                  variationName = "Adobe Reader";


                            else if(variation == "Full")


                                  variationName = "Adobe Acrobat";



                            // now set the form fields to show what type/version is running

                            this.getField("txtType").value = variationName;

                            this.getField("txtVersion").value = app.viewerVersion;





            // document has already been opened



          // call the docOpened() function




          Thank you very much

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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The two things are unrelated. The code I provided in that thread is meant to be used as the field's On Focus and On Blur events. Your code is a doc-level script.

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              ciceroc69199093 Level 1

              OK I understand.


              Thanks you very much for your help.