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    Sizing a Container to be 100% - But Only on One Side

      This may be a simple problem, but I seem to be having an issue getting it to work properly.

      I have a vertical menu within a VBox on the left side of the app, and a datagrid within an HBox immediately to the right of the navigation. The client wants the datagrid to expand to fill 100% of the area to the right of the menu - and to resize either larger or smaller depending on the users window size. However, when I set the datagrids HBox to 100% it fills the entire screen - including the area where the menu is. The left portion of the datagrid is hidden behind the menu.

      I thought that Flex would be able to see the end of one container and not overlap it - sort of like with html and css boxes. Apparently this is not the case though. Does anyone have any pointers on what to do in this situation?

      Thanks in advance.