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    Syncing ADE Bookmarks & Highlights


                          Have Adobe Digital Editions 3.0.  Purchased textbook through Google play.  Opens on my laptop (Toshiba L505), android phone, and iRola android tablet.  Syncs "last page read", but does not sync my bookmarks or highlights.  Does anyone know if or how this can be done?  Please help.

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          I found your question looking to solve a similar question with respect to the iOS iPad app.


          I eventually found in the built-in "Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions" guide, on page 15 of 21, under "Using eBooks on your device and your computer", that they explicitly say "Note that highlights and annotations are not copied when you transfer items on your device to another computer."  So a big fail for Adobe: I can't review something from an armchair using a tablet and then act on those notes from my computer.  Makes it kinda useless, doesn't it?