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    Chris Papanastasiou

      LIGHTROOM CATALOG QUIT. First of all i am sorry for my not so good English.My problem is that Lighhtroom pop up a message say that needs to QUIT because a catalog error (never had that problem the last 2 years).I have an imac 27 with the latset version of LR (pay per month) from Adobe.I have done everything that Adobe team suggests about increase speed about clear cache alla updates and everything before i come to question here.So..it says that needs to quit and i am ok wtf do it....but it stacks to integrity check for an HOUR i supposed this is not normal so i forced quit and start over again.Well lr did a restart and after 2 minutes of EDIT BRUSH IN 2:1 ON DEVELOP MODE pop up the same message again!!! Now i am in progress of uninstall and install it again from Creatice Cloud. I am confused about it,i should mention that i store my LR catalog on External HDD and i also i am going to open a new catalog inside a NEW unused again external HDD only my last import after installation finish.If that not work I HAVE NOT IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO DO. Thanks everybody for your time reading this,greetings from Greece.

          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          If this just started on the same Mac you have been using for 2+ years with no problems then you have a hardware problem. Something in your iMac is starting to fail. That could be the hard drive or the RAM is going bad. It could also be the video card, and or the RAM on the video card is starting to fail.


          First thing you should do is turn off the option to Use Graphics Processor in the performance tab of the LR preferences. See if that helps. If it doesn't then you need to start checking your hardware for problems.

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            Chris Papanastasiou Level 1

            Thank you for your answer.I will write the actions that i did..... 1.Uninstall and reinstall LR , 2.Open new catalog on new empty external HDD , 3.Download install and run a MAC clean programme , 4.Your advise.    After all that the catalog that cause the pop up message still does...BUT i got no problem with the new catalog on new location (new HDD). So i am guessing that LR works ok but something stupid i have done with my main catalog on the first HDD i mentioned before.

            Right now i work on the new catalog because i have something to deliver in time but tommorow i have to return to see again the problem that still exist when i try to open my basic catalog.

            I think one start is to delete from that drive the last import files,then i'll copy that catalog somewhere,i dont know yet where i am still some confused.

            Maybe if is it possible to buy an external SSD and plug ii in only for do the prosses edit and all this and after that MOVE everything to other discs so SSD remain empty for the nextworkflow,maybe that i just said is wrong but sounds ideal (i think)

            Tommorow i'll return with response if i fix the problem, Thank you again.

              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              There are backups of your main catalog. They are usually stored in a folder called Backups and that folder is located in the same folder as your catalog file. That is if you didn't move them or tell LR to store them someplace else. They are made weekly by default. So try opening the most recent backup and see if the problem persists. If you are using the CC 2015 or the 6 version of LR  the backup files are Zipped up so you have to first Un-Zip it, Expand it, then try to open. If you are running LR 5 or earlier the backups are just copies of your original catalog and can be directly opened.