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    rotate every second page 180 degrees / calendar problem

    tl90967399 Level 1

      Dear community,


      I have been having a bit of a problem with several calendars I have been designing for the past few weeks.  I printed them out, but to my horror I found that the pages with the days on them are all upside down.  I need them to be flipped 180 degrees. 


      The calendar will be spiral bound.  When you flip it open, the picture will be on the top page, then comes the spiral bound, and from the spiral bound hangs the page with the days.


      I have tried to rotate spreads by selecting all the even numbered pages and going to view - rotate spread.  After exporting to PDF I see that nothing has been achieved.  After some more reading, I discovered that rotating spreads is not what I am looking for.  I need to get to the step right before rotating spread.


      Should I simply select all items on every even page, and then rotate it somehow?  Is this the easiest way?  I am just trying to find the most elegant way to solve my problem.


      The calendar is actually quite complex, with multiple pictures and text boxes on every page.  Which is why I was hoping for a simple solution.  I have about 10 calendars like it for different people, and all of them are rather complex with lots of extra pictures and text boxes everywhere.


      I have been looking at a solution for about a week, but have not found anything.