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    Interactive Form Approval Stamp


      In our office, we've been using acrobat to insert an image of an approval stamp. We then mark up the blank fields of the approval stamp with comments. This can be a tedious process since we have to go into tools to insert the image and then go into comments to mark up the image. Is there a way we can create an interactive form that can be inserted to our PDF so we can just easily fill in the blanks of the form? The approval stamp is small though so we're not looking to add an additional page to the PDF, rather overlay it in a black space on the existing PDF and fill out the blanks. Is what I'm asking possible to do? Please help!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can do it using what's known as dynamic stamps. This is a complex subject, though, and developing such a stamp requires quite a bit of scripting know-how. The fields in the stamp can be edited the moment the stamp is applied, but not afterwards, though.