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    Want scrollbar to automatically move when I jump to certain spot in text

      I've created a custom scroll bar in Flash using AS2. The scroll works fine but since the textt fields are kind of long I want to put in buttons that jump to certain category heads within that text block. I've got that working fine to by simply controlling the _y coordinate. What i need help with is I want the scroll bar to move the appropriate space down or up depending on what jump button I click on. Is there a way to set this up so it does it automatically?? Here's the code I'm ussing to control the scroll wheel and here's the site where it's being applied.

      You'll see how I'm currently doing it. But if I change the text I then have to go through and tweak every button. I've got this going on a lot of different pages on this site and that will get very tiring. Thanks for the help!!

      http://www.uniqueimageinc.com/site_nick/index-2.html (click on "about us" for the page corresponding to the pasted code)