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    Creating Signature field to be used in Acrobat App


      I work for a heating and cooling company that makes house calls. I have created a pdf of our invoice with indesign and made it fillable with acrobat. The goal is that the mechanics can have this pdf on their ipads and use the acrobat app to fill out the needed information and then to have the customer sign the document on the ipad itself before the mechanic leaves. The mechanic can then upload this document to the cloud where the admin assistants in the office can input the information into our system and save the signed document for our records. My problem is that I cannot seem to create a signature field in Acrobat on my computer that can be read by the Acrobat app on the ipad. I need a customer to click on the signature field, sign it, and have the signature automatically be placed on the signature line. I can't figure out how. Help?