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    How do I get Flash Pro CS6 to hit breakpoints while remote debugging?


      So, here's the setup: I am using Flash Professional CS6 and ColdFusion Builder 3 to develop a Flash/ColdFusion application. We're using ActionScript 2.0. Debugging the ColdFusion code is mostly fine--the debugger works as expected. But I'm having no luck getting the Flash debugging working.

      • I've installed the debug version of Flash Player.
      • I've ensured my Publish Settings have Permit debugging checked.
      • I've checked the output .swf file and it's definitely larger than before.
      • In Flash Professional I do the Debug->Being Remote Debug Session->ActionScript 2.0 thing and get the "Waiting for Player to connect..." message.
      • I start my app from ColdFusion Builder and it brings up IE with the Flash Application in it.
      • Flash Professional prompts me for the password and then tells me: Remote Flash Player: http://localhost:8500/.....
      • The Debugger panel comes up and tells me to set breakpoints and Click Continue, so I do that.

      Now comes the problem. I go to my Flash app and do some things that should hit the breakpoints, but they never get hit. I even have trace() statements so I can be sure the code is executing, but those darn breakpoints seem to not be working at all.

      Why wouldn't my breakpoints be working?