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    Paper weight - Difference in gsm betwen Europe and China

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      Not exactly adobe related but it does link to a project in inDesign that I am working on and am looking for some clarity.


      In my print spec sheet which was going to our Chinese printer I stated paper as 128gsm.  I got the below response from someone who is taking care of our print buy and wants to print in Europe.

      "Inner paper is 135gsm, because 128gsm is China grammage and 135 is same, but in Europe thay call is 135"

      Does  128gsm from a Chinese vendor relate to 135gsm for Europe?  Do China and Europe use different gsm?  I thought they utilised the same system under ISO 536 while US and Canada generally use basis weight that is specified in pounds (lbs).

      Any feedback would be highly appreciated as my investigations online have not clarified this matter.

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          The weight is messure in Gramm per m2, but it does not say anything about any other properties as thickness or stability. Any printer will provide you with test sheets. Normally a German printer or some printer which are ordering paper together are buying paper in m3. If you have enough to print you can get any paper you want.

          And Austria and Finland are the countries where the most paper will come from, even outside of Europe.