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    LTR 5 or 5.5 upgrade


      I am trying to upgrade from LTR 4 to LTR 5. When I went on Adobe's Website and used CHAT they said I could not get 5, as it is not available anymore. They are forcing me to get LTR 6. That requires El Capitan and Vers. 10.9 on IMAC which I don't want right now. I do not want to join Creative Cloud yet, and be on a monthly billing.  So is there a way to buy LTR 5 or 5.5, on a DVD,  of either 5 or 5.5? I have upgraded twice already, and paid $79 each time, and have the Serial Number for LTR 4. The Sales Department CHAT person also said I had to buy LTR 6 and upgrade to El Capitan. What I have seen there are many issues to fix.

      How to just do a mini upgrade? Not whole system. Any versions of LTR 5.5 out there?

      Thanks for any info.