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    Cannot download Coldfusion 11


      I am having issues downloading Coldfusion 11. We own CF11 but the installables are handled by another group and we do not have access to them. In the past, our developers would just download the trial/developer version from Adobe. Now, however, Adobe requires a download manager which apparently doesn't work with our company's network security. I have installed the client (something many people cannot do) but the status is stuck at "Waiting..." and the file never shows up in the Akamai NetSession Interface Console.


      I need help to get this file and official support options appear to be discontinued (since everything drove me here). I have found other places that have the file, but I am nervous downloading from a non-official location.


      To Adobe,


      This is a major failure. You have a Fortune 500 company that has purchased your product, and its Developers (which drive the product's use at the corporation) which cannot get the download to facilitate the upgrade for its use.


      We mainly use Mura which is well supported under Lucee which is complete free and open source. This "inconvenience" is doing nothing but pushing us away from using your products. In fact we are only upgrading to CF11 due to horrible bugs and problems that we still struggle with on CF10.


      So, yeah, be nice to actually be supported as a paying customer instead of being forced to use the forums or a non-enterprise friendly downloader.

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          EddieLotter Level 4

          You may be interested in this recently posted thread.




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            Umbrae Level 1

            I saw that post before reaching out. None of those links work for me. I get an access denied message in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Filezilla ftp.


            Looks like they have been restricted after the post.

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              WolfShade Level 4



              I originated the post that EddieLotter referenced.  Those links did work, for a time.  However, do not despair, as Charlie Arehart (well respected in the CF community) has provided a link to a repo of CF downloads.  I hope you find this useful.


              And although Adobe hosts this forum, there are very few Adobe employees who deign to enter.  There are a few (Anit_Kumar, hahul_u) who seem more frequent than others.  But the fact is that Adobe doesn't give a rodent's rectum about their client base.  They are very much like Micro$oft - "our users will either love what we cram down their throats, or they will LOVE it, no matter how difficult we make it for them to acquire or use."


              And if you're on a Unix/Linux platform, the repo is the only way you're going to get CF.  The Akamai DLM does NOT work for those OSs.





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                Umbrae Level 1



                Thanks man. Would figure Charlie would save Adobe's bacon again. I will confirm those links work for me tomorrow when I am at the office.


                I am with you about Adobe; however I would much rather work with Microsoft for what it's worth. We have an project to switch to Lucee, but CF is cheap, compared to our other software stacks, so there is little passion to drive it forward. Since we upgrade every 2 years or so CF11 will probably be the last time I need to worry about ACF.