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    import RAW/JPEG files from sd-card

    henk g.
      one question (I have read 2 books from I. Velsz and M. Jarsetz from germany and have not found any answer):
      If I have both, RAW+JPG, on my sd-card (this is the way with may sony @7r - nikon uses 2 separate cards for RAW and JPG) is there no option to import only the RAW-files?
      In the preferences there is no  suitable way to manage it:
      lightroom > preferences > general:  handle JPG and RAW as separate files
      not selecting this option, I can see only the RAW-files in lightroom, but anyway all files are copied to my HD (RAW+JPG).
      selecting this option, I can see both types of files (RAW & JPG), but the is no useful way to elect only the RAWs, neither using the command "sort media-type".
      thanks a lot & kind regards