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    extreme performance issues


      Hi boys  and girls.


      I got myself a new Notebook a while ago and i installed Lightroom CC.

      It takes a long time to fire up lightroom, it takes ages to switch to the development tool, and it takes forever to load a file till its sharp. All this happens despite the SSD in which lightroom is installed on and the photos are stored.

      I fired up the Taskmanager and GPU-Shark to monitor the hardware usage. When im in developer module and edit something i get the following stats:
      CPU usage: max 20%

      RAM usage: ~4 GB

      GPU usage: up to 10% but it never goes above idle-clockspeeds


      Notebook Specs: i7 Quadcore+ Hyperthreading (8 logical Cores) 2.7 GHz (3.5 Ghz boost), 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD (Samsung), GTX 960M 2GB (Driver: 361.75 which is most recent)

      Installed version of Lightroom: CC 2015.4 [ 1060496 ] (latest)


      I've set windows energy management to max performance. I've set the Nvidia GPU to be used for lightroom within the Nvidia control panel. I'm on wall power...

      I dont know what to do anymore... Why do i buy a high speced notebook if it runs lightroom slower than my 6 year old desktop??? everything else runs like hell on this machine, exept lightroom.


      i got a photoshoot on saturday and wanna use the laptop for on location editing... im hoping anybody can help me