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    CC2015 11.2 Start Workspace UI Issues - False Trial Display


      We have encountered five machines in our network so far that are exhibiting this behavior after upgrading from 11.1 to 11.2 last week. It appears something is wrong with the interface elements on the start workspace. 4 of the machines are Windows, and 1 is a clean 11.2 Mac install. Screenshot below, issues that differ from a good machine include - top left corner shows creative cloud icon instead of InDesign logo. Instead of "new..." and "Open" it displays the name of the interface element, the 0 days in trial box is shown (despite not actually being in trial mode) and the gear icon for preferences in the top right is missing. I've tried uninstall reinstall, clearing preferences, resetting the start workspace, and re-serializing (before i realized it was just start workspace display). If I edit preferences to disable Start workspace display, then sure, the start workspace no longer displays but that's kind of hiding the issue more than really fixing it.


      On the clean install 11.2 Mac that is exhibiting this, the rest of the UI is fine except for the 0 days left in trial section. Any ideas?