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    Loading swf

    artdoggy Level 1
      First, I am wondering if I create an swf at 40 fps, can I load that into another animation set to 15 fps and have it still play at 40 fps? If so, then I have loaded the swf "squares.swf" into a movie clip called "squareplayer" using loadMovie("squares.swf",squaresplayer);

      I put the squaresplayer into a frame in the main animation but squares.swf is not playing. I assume I have to use a command to tell it to start but what command and where do I put it? On the main timeline or inside the squaresplayer movie clip?
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          blemmo Level 1
          The first movie in the player sets the stage size and the fps, so your loaded movie will play with 15 fps if that's the framerate of the loader movie. If you want to play it at 40 fps, the loader movie will have to have 40 fps also, or you play the loaded movie with the help of setInterval, which calls gotoAndStop(_currentframe+1) for the loaded movie every (1000 milliseconds/40 fps) milliseconds.

          If you don't have a stop() in frame 1 of the loaded movie, it should start playing automatically when loaded. If it's not appearing, there's something wrong with the filename or the path for the MC it's loaded into. Check if the name of the MC is 'squareplayer' or 'square splayer', and if the path to it is ok from the calling context.