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    Coldfusion 9 Connection Failure


      I'm stuck guys. I don't know what do do. We've been having this problem for awhile when dealing with a payment gateway that we get a "Connection Failure". Now, it is not all the time. It is intermittent. Maybe 1 in 25 or so. That rules out certificates right? My thoughts are that if it were a certificate then no requests would actually complete. So I set up a test page that does a test call to the payment gateway, the payment gateway we are using is eProcessing Networks' Authorize.Net emulator. Now, I got an error the first time I ran it.


      Amazingly I was able to reproduce it. Just once. Then it started working again like nothing ever happened. I really need help guys. I will provide more information if you need.

      This is the exact code I was using when I ran it. Nothing changes here as far as structure from call to call.

      These are all test credentials from the developer site.

      <cfhttp url="https://www.eprocessingnetwork.com/cgi-bin/an/transact.pl" port="443" METHOD="post" USERAGENT="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; MSIE 9.0; WIndows NT 9.0; en-US))">

        <cfhttpparam type="header" name="accept-encoding" value="no-compression"/>

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Login" value="080880">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Tran_Key" value="yFqqXJh9Pqnugfr">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Version" value="3.0">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_ADC_Delim_Data" value="TRUE">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_ADC_URL" value="FALSE">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Method" value="CC">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Card_Num" value="5454545454545454">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Exp_Date" value="12/18">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_card_code" value="">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Amount" value="20.14">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Invoice_Num" value="001">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Type" value="AUTH_CAPTURE">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Cust_ID" value="0">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Description" value="eProcessingNetwork">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Last_Name" value="Oliver">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Address" value="1415 North Loop West suite 905">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_City" value="Houston">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_State" value="TX">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Zip" value="77008">

        <cfhttpparam type="Formfield" name="x_Email" value="myemail@email.com">


      <cfdump var="#cfhttp#">


      Also of note, the call sometimes gets accepted by eprocessingnetwork. The payment will sometimes get made and then the connection will fail or close so we think that it failed.


      Thanks so much.

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          Jamo Level 2

          We've had that happen too. Very frustrating.  It's a ColdFusion bug.  Add getAsBinary="never" to the HTTP tag.

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            Jamo Level 2

            If you any other connection issues with ColdFusion 9, you may want to consider switching to CFX_HTTP5.  It's faster and supports more features. ColdFusion 9 uses Java 1.7 and won't work with some newer SSL certificates (even though Java documentation indicates that it is possible.)

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              Steve Sommers Level 4

              It does not necessarily rule out the certificate. In my experience, it is still most likely the certificate. Most larger payment gateways have multiple host serving the web service requests. Often times, not all the servers have the same certificate installed. I think when a cluster of servers are used in this configuration all the servers need the same certificate installed so I would consider this a configuration failure on the gateway side -- but this is skirting my expertise with SSL certificates. Back to my experience, every "I/O Exception: Peer not authenticated" issue I have come across has ended up being a certificate issue of some sort.


              Actually while finishing up the above typing, I did think of another issue: The cypher suites. Older less secure cypher suites are being removed from servers to keep up with PCI requirements. CF9 (actually the Java version the CF9 relies on) cannot properly negotiate a secure session when all the weak cyphers are removed. While we might have been able to fight through making CF9 work, we upgraded to CF11 and everything worked perfectly. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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                bah1234ir Level 1

                Has anyone been able to get a license for cfx_http5? I can't contact the company anymore? phone number is dead, no reply from emails.

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                  Jamo Level 2

                  bah1234ir, I contacted the author, Andrei, via email and he responded "...all emails are answered."


                  Did you receive a response from him?