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    Lightroom 6 does not start properly


      LIghtroom 6 has been running om my Windows 10 (64x) without problems for 6 months. After installation of a slide scanner (CyberViewX) and a regular update of Win 10 that occurred automatically when closing down the computer, Lightroom 6 does not start properly since I restarted the computer. I have uninstalled the CyberViewX scanner program and restarted the computer again. Only thing that happens when trying to open LR6 is a message that an unexpected error occured when the catalogue was opened. I do have a back-up catalogue, and there is a button where I can choose a different catalogue. When pushing that button I find the back-up catalogue, but when I choose that catalogue I just come back to the original message and the back-up catalogue has obviously not been chosen. There is a button for creating a new catalogue as well, and when I push that button I come to my Picture folder and there seems to be no way to create a catalogue or open LR6. This dialogue screen is obviously not working properly.

      There was a lock file by the catalogue, and I have deleted that file. I have also tried all tricks running LR as an administator and assigning full privileges for all users of my Picture file.

      Only thing I have not tried is to uninstall and re-install the entire LR6, but I have a lot of pictures and work loaded in it so I am hesitant to do that without knowing that it is necessary and being sure that I can get everything back in order with the old catalogue and everything restored. Any way to repair corrupt files using the installation DVD?

      What to do? Help!

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi bjomb,


          Would suggest you to choose the option to create a new catalog and give it any name once you get the window of Pictures folder and choose create.

          This would create new catalog.

          check if it opens up the new catalog or if it goes under background processes in task manager.


          If this does not help, then you should reinstall Lightroom Program and that would not affect your edits as the edits are stored in catalogs and catalogs remain as it is even during reinstallation.




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            björnb49195350 Level 1

            LR did not respond to my attempts to create a new catalogue, but your second suggestion solved the problem. I installed Lightroom again on top on the existing installation (i.e. without uninstalling the failed version on my computer). It worked wonderfully and Lightroom opened directly with all pictures, adjustments and collections intact!

            Thanks for your help!