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    Regarding MS Access

    Sri Velli
      Hello friends,

      I want to convert my MS Access application to Flex. Could please explain me how to access .mdb files
      in Flex with an example.


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          atta707 Level 2
          You'll need a 'backend' environment like e.g. JEE, .NET, PHP or the likes for this to work. Flex cannot directly talk to any database at all. I lives in a browser after all! So you'll have server side logic to connect to you MS Access or any other database, read and convert this data to XML or JSON or whatever format and then use HTTPService class in Flex to hit this 'page' and show the data it would send. If it sounds like Ajax call to you, you'll be absolutely right!

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            JeffryHouser Level 4

            For most purposes, ATTA is right. And with MS Access, I know of no other option but to use some middleware to access the database.

            However, you can use the socket classes to access server based databases directly. Someone has done some experimentation with this and has ActionSCript SQL Drivers created for MySQL.

            More info here: http://code.google.com/p/assql/ and here http://ntt.cc/2008/02/01/actionscript-mysql-driver-assql-access-database-from-flex.html

            Not that I'd recommend this approach, but is is possible.

            While I'm spouting out at the mouth...

            If you're building a web applications (Flex) that is intended to be used by multiple people at once, you are much better off migrating your database to a server based database such as SQL Server or MySQL.

            If you want to build an AIR app that won't be dealing with concurrent users, you might look into converting from ACcess to SQLLite database.
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              Sri Velli Level 1

              Thank you very much Guys.