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    Image Resolution for large-scale digital paintings


      Hi All,


      I did a search for my query, but couldn't find a thread that quite addressed this.


      I am a painter (oil paint, primarily) who has recently transitioned to painting digitally in Photoshop.  I create canvases that are upwards of 4'x6', with a resolution of 300 dpi (professional quality) -- for the purpose of selling them from my studio.


      I am considering purchasing a new iPad Pro due to the reviews of how authentic-feeling the Pencil is for painting/drawing... I imagine that to achieve my end result of the large printout, I would import the digital painting from the iPad Pro to a desktop with Photoshop, and print from there.  I have been looking at some youtube videos of artists using the iPad Pro with Adobe Sketch.  I have also seen one review where the artist used Procreate on the iPad Pro, and said you could indeed choose your canvas size with this app?


      It seems that no matter what, I can't quite get the epic canvas size I want on the iPad, however--


      My question is, would I be able to resize with Photoshop a smaller drawing from the iPad to get my large print-out, without losing any of the original quality?  Any graphic design people out there who could recommend the best combination of apps to achieve my goals?


      Thanks kindly in advance.



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Andrea,


          Sorry for taking so long to respond; I had to ask one of our engineers about this. Just so I don't distort what he said... his words:


          So it sounds like what she creates in desktop Photoshop is a 21600x14400 pixel canvas. This is, to my knowledge, impossible in any iPad drawing app (Procreate can get up to 10000 x 6666 though). Our app currently doesn’t allow setting canvas size at all (the canvas size on iPad Pro is 2732 x 2048).


          If she exports to Photoshop CC and ups the resolution, she's still unlikely to gain the additional fidelity that she’s looking for. Currently, though, she can use Send to Illustrator CC  and have Illustrator up the size and it will re-render the strokes at the higher res, (likely getting her what she wants).  That feature will be going away though once we move to Layers in Sketch.


          Hope that helps.