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    AVI Exporting

      I am trying to export an AVI from Director. It's a full screen video, 1024x768, that will continuously loop on a computer monitor. After many little quirks, I have everything down except the video is shifted down and to the right with a gray background. I noticed the "Location" on the "Display Template" tab and reset it's values to 0, 0. The moved it almost all the way the left. But nothing happened to the 'y' location and there is about a 10px space on the left. I have entered negative values and they do nothing to shift it the rest of the way. What's up?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Chaz,

          I've never thought much of the AVI export or even QT for that matter. My suggestion
          would be to export the frames as a BMP sequence then use a program like Premiere to
          do your video editing. For a full screen video, why not go with DVD or do you need
          very high resolution?


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            Chaz03 Level 1
            Actually, we just decided to go with DVD. I have been prodding my (small) company to get Premiere, so I don't have it yet.

            However, we are eventually going to go back and use a higher res version (I think). We have a kiosk that will go through a loop/touch screen UI, but we're thinking about linking a 2nd monitor and looping this movie.

            I am very new to video. I do graphic design, but for my small co. I'm the multimedia/anything creative guy. Any advice would help.

            Thanks again,

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              Oh yeah, by the way, there are MPG files called out throughout the movie which is causing some glitches in the exporting.
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                I'm surprised you got anything useful out of the AVI export at all. The problem we run into when trying to take Director to video via AVI export is that all of the lingo that influences stage content is ignored. Our solution has been to use screen recording software like Camtasia to record Director’s output … we can sustain a frame rate of about 25 fps when capturing “full screen”, which for DVD is only 740x480. We still use Premiere for final edits and Adobe Encore for building the DVD menu structure but at least Camtasia gives us raw footage we can work with.

                PS: If the only thing you are using Director for is to string together separate videos, then yeah, as has been mentioned before, it would be much more streamlined to just do all of the work in Premiere or even straight to Encore if the videos are close to final form.