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    Conditional build tags get out of sync with source control

      Hi all,

      I work on a team with two other people and we use RH 7 and Microsoft Visual Source Safe. We've been having a problem with our conditional build tags where one person will add, rename, or delete a tag, and although the author checks the tags back in right away, the system isn't "getting" the updated tag file when the other authors go into the help project. The only way we've been able to fix this is to have everyone delete their CPD files every time tags are added, renamed, or deleted, but this seems wacky, and I don't see any other messages about this problem in the forum. Are we doing something wrong? We've been having problems (errors) related to XPJ files being checked out by the first person to enter the project (posted in another message). Might this be the cause of our tag problem, too?

      Thanks in advance for any help,