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    Cancellation Ripoff




      Files with the extension AI are no good to me, I have no intentions of paying for Photoshop when GIP is free.

      Sorry my intention was to cancel this account after finding 1 image.

      I was very very sick at the time and neglected to do so.


      Now you charge me a cancel $167.95 US plus another $33.59 and another $33.59 that is $235.13 US I am a Canadian that works out to $322.82 CAD.

      I have paid $322.82 CAD for nothing.,,,

      Social media here I come.

      After cancelling I attempted to re subscript to avoid the cancellation fee, it has not been refunded.

      Are you going to charge me again if I cancel again, seriously.

      You may I say I agree to the terms, that may be legal, however it is a immoral and unethical rip off.


      Then at least will continue using you service, refund refund me for the cancellation charge.


      I suggest you Google Adobe Stock Ripoff!!!


      Refund my card, NOW!!!


      Stop ripping people off!!!



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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi Blair


          You signed up for the Stock plan and received a refund for the first month as part of the promotion.


          As you were looking to cancel after the first month, a cancellation fee was calculated in line with the subscription terms, & you accepted this charge by proceeding with the online cancellation.


          If you had questions or concerns about this charge, our support team were available to assist via Chat or phone.


          I'll forward details of your case to the support team and ask them to contact you regarding this.