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    My book in Lightroom is really slow to load


      Hi guys! I'm running Lightroom 5.7.1 on my MacBook Pro (Early 2015, 13-inch, i5 2.7, 8GB, OS 10.11.3) and I've got a book that I have for school (I do A Level Photography) with around 330 photos and quite a lot of pages of text in it (it's about 130 pages thus far). My catalog contains around 1,600 images.

      I've noticed recently that switching between the Library and Book modules is VERY slow (20 seconds at least) and it's really really annoying - interestingly, it doesn't lag at all when switching from Book to Library. I have Smart Previews for all my images to save space/processing time and the latest MacBook! I've also tried optimising my catalog countless times and emptying/expanding the cache etc.

      I get the feeling that this really shouldn't be an issue...

      Any help is muchly appreciated!


      EDIT: I've just uninstalled 5.7.1 and reinstalled 5.2 to see if there'd be any difference whatsoever (there wasn't). Please help!