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    Moving makes a copy?

    dalpilot Level 1

      I'm having trouble with moving some pictures from one folder to another within LR on a laptop PC running Win10.


      When I select all the images within a folder and then move these to a different folder, I sometimes find that the images have not been moved, but actually copied! They appear in both folders. If I jump out of LR and look at the directory structure in explorer I see that the files do indeed exist in both directories. The folders and files reside on the laptop's HD and the folders in question are both sub-directories of a parent folder.


      I'm wondering if LR first copies all selected files then goes back and deletes them in the source directory. That wouldn't really be very efficient since moving files you need only change the reference to the files location in the OS. There is no reason to physically move the bits to a different part of the HD. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          How many files are you attempting to move all at once?

          Lightroom is not a file browser. It does OK with a small number of files. However, for bigger numbers, you are often better off moving/copying the files using the OS tools Explorer/Finder and then "relocating" them in the LR Folders panel.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            What Joe said.


            I have had the same problem and found it better to use the File Manager for my OS to Move files then Reconnect them in LR. I was doing some house cleaning and needed to move some images from one folder to a Subfolder and found that in LR they looked like they had moved but really didn't at all. The image files where still in the original folder and or some got Copied instead of being moved but in LR they showed as moved and were not in the original folder but in fact some were still in the original folder and others were copied.

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              dalpilot Level 1

              I'm talking about maybe 50 files or so at a time. A related problem is finding that after successfully moving some files from one folder to another, if I try to move some of them back again I am told it can't be done because they already exist in the target folder, when in fact they really aren't there. That's a catalog issue I guess. I will keep in mind the advice to move a large number of files outside of LR and then reconnect them in LR.