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    My internal hard drive appears green but no folders are displayed


      I am a Mac user running Lightroom on a 27 inch 5K display iMac.  Today when I opened Lightroom I cannot see any of the folders on my internal hard drive (well, all but 1 are missing).  The hard drive indicator shows it to be on line and I can see all of the folders on this drive when I right click on the hard drive use the option "show in finder".  In addition, when I go to the library tab and try to initiate a new import from one of the missing folders, the program grays out all of the photos indicating they are duplicates.  I have tried restarting the computer and even tried reloading from a backed-up version of the library but no change. 


      One thing that happened last night is, after recalibrating my monitor, Lightroom went into a "not responding" state (froze) and I had no choice but to force it to quit.  I believe this morning was the first time I had reopened Lightroom.  Obviously, this may have been the cause, but I cannot figure out how to force the system to re-aquire the folders and photos from the hard drive that it recognizes.