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    I am having issues with my Adobe Stock Subscription.


      I am having issues with my Adobe Stock Account. I have been trying to update my account for the last few weeks after receiving my new debit card once I noticed that 2 of my stock payments didnt go through. (I haven't been on stock lately) I updated my card, it said Thank you, you may now use your account...but it is still acting like I dont have one. I contacted chat and she reactivated my account, charged $8.81 to my account and it says I'm being charged again on February 13th for the monthly pay. I even got an email saying my account was reactivated. When I went to license a photo, it brought me to a new page to "buy" the image, subscribe, ect...acting as if I don't have a subscription. I have had Adobe Stock since last August, and should have rollover images as well since I've only licensed 25 of the 40 images. These are not showing up either. I even tried to repurchase last week with it still pending in Paypal. She wanted to charge me $10 more ($49.95) to subscribe to a yearly Adobe photography + stock, even though my last year doesn't expire until April. Definitely feeling frustrated here. Is anyone else having subscription issues??