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    Is it possible to convert a group of text fields into a button


      I'm creating a form in InDesign and need a table full of text fields to appear if the user clicks on 'Yes' to a certain question. I've tried grouping everything but then don't get the option of converting to a button. I also tried just selecting the various bits (table, text and text fields) I wanted to appear in the button and then creating a button that way which seemed to work in InDesign but I found the button didn't work once exported as a pdf.


      Perhaps I'm trying to do something that isn't possible? My other option is to just duplicate the page and stick a bookmark on and the table of text fields and point the 'Yes' button to that bookmark.


      I also need to try and put one button inside another button - again perhaps something that just isn't possible in InDesign


      Thanks for your help...!