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    In between Keyframes break bezier handles


      Hi there, first time posting. I am really hoping to get an answer on this, I have searched all over for an answer and have not found one yet. So, when I create a mask (say to rotoscope something) and I place a keyframe at the beginning of the footage, then I place a new keyframe and rotoscope at the end of the footage, then I try to rotoscope between the two keyframes, most (not all) of the bezier handles break so that they are no longer connected to each other. I want to be able to keyframe in between the two keyframes and all of the bezier handles remain connected. I don't know if this is a preferences thing, or a bug, or what but it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. To have to move both bezier handles when they are broken while rotoscoping is like having to do double the amount of work. I would love for the handles to remain connected until I actually tell them to separate. Please help me. Please.

      You too can see how this happens! All you have to do is open AE, create a new comp, create a new solid layer, create a mask with bezier handles and key the mask path at the beginning of the comp, and then move the bezier handles around at the end of the comp like you are rotoscoping something, and then go to the middle of the comp and try to move around the handles. Tada! Most of them are now broken.

      I have tried this on both CC 2014 and CS6. Both do the same thing. I have also tried it on another persons machine.

      Thanks so much for listening to my rambling! Thanks even more if you can help me solve this issue!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's all in how you use the tools. For rotoscope most of the time you'll find it's easier to use RotoBezier paths but the technique for Bezier paths is basically the same. Use the pen tool to do all of your repositioning. Do Not ADD vertices in the as you animate. Use Alt/Option and Ctrl/Cmnd keys to modify the pen tool from selection (black triangular arrow head),  group selection small white arrow, and (alt/option) for convert vertex. Don't be afraid to use multiple masks to make roto easier. Don't be afraid to stabilize (not warp stabilize) the footage to make roto easier. I also recommend doing your roto on a colored solid instead of the footage. Set the colored solid to multiply or screen sho you can see through it, then use it as a track matte when you are done. It's a lot easier. Check out this very short video on the technique:

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