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    When using 3D camera tracker, how do I insert an image instead of/on top of a solid?

    InterMurph Level 1

      I am just learning how to use the 3D Camera Tracker feature.  I wanted to show what a proposed development project would look like along the coast, and managed to get four cubes, representing four houses, to show up in this video:


      Save Our Shores Gloucester: The Back Shore, Now Featuring Soones Court! - YouTube


      Each of these cubes consists of four simple solids.  Effective, but not realistic.


      I would now like to do a similar thing for another construction project.  But for this project, the developer has some high-quality renderings of what the building will look like, and I would like to insert those images into my video, instead of redoing my day-glo cubes.


      I can't find a tutorial that shows how to do this, perhaps because I haven't come upon the right phrase to describe it.


      How can I achieve this?


      Thanks in advance.