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    After effects opens footage in camera raw?

    Galaxy Photography Level 1

      Hi I need help. I am a new user of After effects and I love it but I am having two issues. One with PP and the other with importing to AE. when I open a project in Premier pro, and edit the video down to where I need it. I then click on a clip and choose Replace with After effects composition. After effects then gives me a camera raw window, and I have no choice but to use that. However I now have a still image instead of a video both in PP and AE! How do I change what ever settings so that AE takes this dynamic link as a video and not a still image?

      My second issue is PP won't render or output any video over a certain size. It just says "unknown Error". Any clips shot in camera raw, Any clips with AE effects in them, and any clips that are long. Encoder will process any of these video's just fine, so it is not corrupt files. Most of this issue started when I changed to Windows 10. I have uninstalled PP several times. Does not fix the issue. Thanks for your help