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    Code signing and Timestamp Server Error

    Applied CD Level 1
      Warning: I’ve got exactly 2 days experience with AIR but a client wants to add file IO capabilites to a touchscreen/Flash application we developed and AIR seems to be our only choice.

      From CS4 I can publish an AIR 1.5 application with a self signed code certificate but I get the error “Could not connect to timestamp server”, I can then disable the timestamp and get the warning: “If the AIR application is not timestamped, it will fail to install when the digital certificate expires. Are you sure you want to disable timestamping?” I can proceed without the timestamp and everything seems to work.

      So I’m wondering, when does my certificate expire? I think I might have read 5 years. What do my clients do if they have to reinstall the application after 5 years? Make them pay for another copy ;-) Lastly, how do I avoid the timestamp error? Sign up with a CA like VeriSign at $500/yr, not gonna happen for just one client.

      Sorry to sound a little testy but I could have written exactly the same application in Director and not had to worry about this code signing business.
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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          Your machine might not connect to internet when you try to publish the AIR file. To do time stamping, you need to have access to internet. Make sure you have connection to internet. Also, some people use proxy. In this case, you will need to set java to use the proxy.

          The self signed certs generated by ADT valid for 5 years. They won't be able to install your app. after 5 years.
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            Joe ... Ward Level 4
            You need to have a network connection for timestamping to work. If that network connection uses a proxy server, you may also need to set up the JRE to use that proxy (See http://www.java.com/en/download/help/5000020600.xml).

            When the certificate expires, the AIR file can't be used anymore if there is no timestamp.

            A timestamp verifies that the certificate was valid when the AIR file was signed, so the AIR app can be installed even after the cert expires when a timestamp is present.

            Timestamps do not require a Verisign, or any other commercial certificate. The service is free.
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              Applied CD Level 1
              Hmmm … I’ve got a 6 Mbps DSL line open all the time, no proxy server, Clear Sailing firewall on a Netopia router (not my preferred hardware but I’m stuck with it), and Windows Firewall for XP-SP3 on the local machine. I gather this failure to connect is not something I’m doing wrong procedurally, so I’ll look into the two firewalls and see if there’s a problem there. I remember Dreamweaver CS3’s FTP functionality didn’t play nice with SP2’s firewall until a few patches came out, maybe it’s something similar. Thanks for the help, it’s good to know I don’t have to pay a yearly user fee and that the problem is probably just a simple local network issue.
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                Joe ... Ward Level 4
                If you can get to https://timestamp.geotrust.com/ then your connectivity to the timestamp server should be ok.

                If the connection looks ok, you might try is to create an unsigned AIRI file with CS4 and then sign it with the command line ADT tool. CS4 uses ADT behind the scenes, but using ADT directly could help pinpoint the source of the problem.