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    Windows10 + Powerpoint 2016 (Office 365, 32-bit) + Presenter 11 (Trial) not working


      I tried this solution: Adobe Presenter ribbon may not be visible in Microsoft PowerPoint even if Presenter is installed.

      * The install seems successful (all the steps complete)

      * I don't see Presenter in my Powerpoint ribbon

      * Adding the MenuLauncher.dll gives me the "not valid" error message

      * My registry doesn't have "ClickToRun" under the "15.0" location (and I can't find anything related to AdobePresenter.COMAddin anywhere else)

      * I've tried uninstalling, rebooting, redownloading, and reinstalling, but with the exact same results


      Has anyone been able to get this combo to work? I called the Help Desk, but they said Presenter 11 isn't supported with Powerpoint 2016. I'm wondering if they aren't compatible (i.e., won't work at all on any machine, so I should stop trying), or if it's just something I'm doing wrong on my end (i.e., I should continue troubleshooting)?