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    Displaying text

      Dear Adobe,
      This is my first post here, however for over a month I am working on some project in flex builder 3 (based on web browser/ flash player).I have a few custom components there. In main application there is TabNavigator container and tree container. In main tab I want to generate the tree node inside the <mx:TextArea> container. I can do so by selecting a node in tree, however I want to reuse this info and when user clicks on "generate e-mail" button (the very last step, this is the software that is sending e-mails and I want it to compose this e-mail from different TextInputs controls, comboboxes and checkboxes) it goes to "endState" where it removes the childs and leaves the last text area where I want to use the selected indexes from combo boxes. End state is opening but if I select a node the TextArea in endState is displaying the address of node instead of correct text.