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    Window Z depth

      I have developed a screensaver application in Air that launches after no user input has been detected.

      Everything works fin on xp however when the screensaver starts on osx the window is not at the front.

      For some reason the alwaysInFront property does not work on osx so cant use that. Also the ordertofront does not appear to work.

      I guess that as the user does not invoke the screensaver its a focus issue.

      Any suggestions would be great.

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          Cesare Rocchi Level 2
          In any case I don't think you can hide macosx upper bar via Air.
          And if you do please let me know how :)
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            Vlakken Level 1
            It displays fine when invoked from the settings panel that I have built.

            It seems very strange that you cannot open a window thats at the top on mac.

            Basically this isnt working on mac with air 1.51:

            NativeWindow.activate ()

            Calling NativeWindow.activate () firstly sets the visible of the window to true. Next, the window is brought to the front. Lastly, the window is given keyboard and mouse focus. Typically, you’d call the activate method shortly after creating it.

            Basically its not bringing the window to the front.