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    lightroom 6 import/sync photos wrong

    ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

      Actually this has been going on since LR 4.


      I select sync folders and get 5,386 some photos and then it imports a bunch (10 to 100) that I have recently added.  I am not missing any as I look at the subdirs and the contents and it never say there is any problem or where the "mystery" 5,000 photos are.


      I have 43,565 photos on my NAS box.  most by year.     when i do the sync in this case I will get NONE.   but usually I get the 10 to 50 i import that have been added to that folder.  


      this has been going on for some time/years I just never get around to mentioning it or asking for help.



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          dj_paige Level 9

          The reason most of these photos are not synchronized by this action is because they have previously been imported/synchronized into your Lightroom catalog. There is no reason and no benefit to import/synchronize them again. Just go to the Lightroom Library Module, locate the photo, and edit or perform other task on the photo.

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            ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

            Thank you for the reply except I am having difficulty implementing your "fix"


            a) it does not identify what photos will be sync'd

            b) if it did you mean I have to click on 5,300+ photos to remedy this?


            Why doesn't the program reset its count to zero after the next import, OR why doesn't it reconcile the already imported photos as duplicates.


            Sound like some bad programming not user or cockpit error?  i.e. my problem?



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              dj_paige Level 9

              You don't have to do anything to remedy this. Just use the photos you have already imported/synchronized, instead of importing/synchronizing them a second time.


              Your other questions sound like you expect Lightroom to operate differently than it does. I can't answer "Why". I just know "How".


              Sounds to me like you need to re-think the way you are using Lightroom.

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                ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

                Thanks DJ,


                I am not syncing or importing a second time.  I am adding photos for the FIRST time, but Lightroom seems to have a counter or index that is not itself syncing properly?


                I am an electrical engineer by training, and I been in the computer industry for over 30 years working for numerous fortune 100 companies, I have develop software in multiple programming languages and worked for some of the largest (large then Adobe) software companies in the world.


                So my "expectation" is yes that is that LR does not the "act" as it does (which is flawed/broken by my analysis) but to rather act as logically expected or as every other software or hardware product I have used woudl act?  OR maybe you don't understand my question/issue?


                When I put new photos in the different sub-directories/years OR if I edit an existing photo and make a new saved version/copy or crop and edit it etc.   my best practice and my workflow and "expectation" is I want Lightroom to mathematically, logically and expectedly resolve the new items - YES there are 9 new photos to sync with the Library and to then go get them and import the NEW ones?  NOT tell me about 5,355 that are already in the library or whatever that number comes from since there are over 45,000 in the library?  


                Instead, it says I have 5,364 to import and then when I say to proceed it imports the 9 actual new ones and never reconciles or alarms or identifies the shortage or what the other 5,355 of them were being counted for?


                Your answer is a smug "don't do that" without and suggestion or alternative to import new photos either by copying into the directories or creating copies IN directory? 

                "rethink" Lightroom?  After 6 versions and hundreds of hours of use......DO TELL?  What should I be doing exactly?

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                  ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

                  So dj_paige you got me doing a little thinking and also I was doing some housecleaning. 


                  a) I keep whining about these mysterious 5,000+ files that LR "sees" but does not sync or import.  It will import the few new 2016 photos (JPG) and it seems to sync and import files if I move or copy them (outside of LR) to a physical directory mainly JPG files and it seems to see mpeg and MOV files.


                  Instead of looking at the mysterious 5,000 out of the 43,000 photos I homed in a few of my sub 20 directories like 1800s, and 1900s, etc etc


                  b) it seems LR sync at least from what I see COUNTS but then does not import or categorize my .BMP pictures? 


                  see below  I can say sync this single folder and it will report (6) files actually should be 15, but then when I tell it to sync it reports NO files to sync/import.  and the BMP pictures never get pulled in? 


                  Is there an "exclude" files or filter somewhere???    I simple search on my shared network pictures subdirectory on BMP on ALL folders yeilds 271 files, PNG a few hundred, etc.


                  does the library have a re settable file count or how do I get the BMP files into the catalog?


                  thanks dj_paige while getting me to banter about and think about this you forced me to look at it from a different angle?


                  bmp not in LR.jpg

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                    ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

                    damn dj_paige now I REALLY learned something I did not know for almost a decade!!!!!!!!  You told somebody last year:


                    just found this on a search and there was your name??  You were holding back on me and it explains EVERYTHING LR see the files and counts them in the sync BUT can't import them? 


                    Lightroom does NOT support BMP files and probably all the other files I can pull in????  WOW!  no BMP?  missed that app note for the last decade?




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                    dj_paigeCommunity Member

                    Lightroom cannot import .bmp files.


                    You'd have to convert them to a supported format, perhaps .jpg.