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    i need some help with my code

    Brhaynes75 Level 1
      i've got my sharedobject actionscript working well and good, using the following actionscript:

      function VisitCheck() {
      var myLocalSO = sharedobject.getLocal("visitRecord");
      if (myLocalSO.data.visited == null) {
      myLocalSO.data.visited = 1;
      // your action for first visit here
      } else {
      // your action for second and more visit to skip to diff
      // frame on the timeline or whatever you need

      but now, after viewing my intro animation ONCE, visitors can never see it again.

      i tested this on my computer, and even after i reset safari/emptied my cache, it still went to the final frame of the animation. is there some way around this?

      any help is greatly appreciated,
      thanks in advance