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    'Inaccessible topics'


      In the Project Manager, I renamed one of my topics folders. While the renaming process was happening, it got frozen, I am now left with a set of topics which are no longer accessible. They have a RED CROSS through them. How do I bring them back to life? They are not accessible in the Topics list either.



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          ThierryFroux Level 1

          Here is some more detail to my question which might provide clue to finding a solution:


          In Windows Explorer I  have 2 folders:


          1. The folder bearing the original name in the Project Manager. There are no files in it, but Robohelp's Project Manager still list a set if them and shows them as 'broken'.


          2. The folder bearing the new namein the Project Manager which has all of the files in it. However, the Project manager only list  a set of them i.e. the complement to the broken files listed above.

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            ThierryFroux Level 1

            I have read now about FPJ files.

            I believe that I could solve the problem by copying the remaining references (topic tags) in the original FPJ file to the new FPJ file.

            Would that work?.

            Below is a snippet...


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

            <rhpml majorversion="7" minorversion="12">












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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              In RoboHelp import them back into the folder where they show as missing.

              Then you can move them and delete the old folder if you need to.

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                ThierryFroux Level 1

                Thank you so much!!!

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                  ThierryFroux Level 1

                  All's pretty good. However:


                  In the Project Manager, I still have few 'good' topics in the old folder which it won't let me move to the new folder. It tells me that they are 'in use' for the project.


                  Also, when I try to delete the X'd topics from the old folder, since I now have them in the new folder, it tells me that the files will be removed from disk. Is this true? Will it remove the files in the new folder?

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    IN USE


                    All the topics are In Use in that sense. Do you perhaps have them open in Design View? I don't think that should throw this warning but I can't think what else.


                    REMOVED FROM DISK


                    The answer here is I don't think it will delete them from the new folder, it's more a warning it is about to try to delete them from the old folder but, of course, RoboHelp will find it cannot.




                    I would close the project and trash the CPD file, then copy the contents of both folders to somewhere outside the project. Reopen the project and try the clean up again. I think it will be OK this way.



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