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    Green Screen footage to Cinema 4D Scene Problem


      Hello Adobe community,



      I am having trouble with the workflow of a project, here is the situation.



      I have a scene in Cinema 4d, I have created planes (placeholders) with external composition tags. In After Effects Im trying to replace these placeholders with my Quicktime (.MOV) footage shot on a green screen which I will key out.


      I have tried going to Cinema 4d Render settings and saving the Compositing Project File but when I open the AEC file in a After Effects Composition it gives me a Camera layer, light layer and a PNG sequence with Smpte Color bars (no use)


      Currently I have my Cinema 4d file in my After Effects composition with Cineware, I clicked Extract on Cinema 4D Scene Data so I have my camera, light and placeholders but there is no way to track my green screen footage positioning to the placeholders.


      I am using Cinema 4d R16 and After Effects CC and cineware.



      Thanks for any help!