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    Converting scaled photoshop type layers into editable type


      I have photoshop files with type layers that have been scaled, using the free transform tool, to sizes different from those at which they were originally set. In photoshop the point size of the type in the character panel updates to the new type size after the transform has been applied. Good enough. However, when I import the photoshop files into after effects as a comp, and then convert the type layers to editable type, the point size in after effects retains the size of the original type, and the scale attribute of the layer reflects the last transform that was applied in photoshop. But I need the editable type layer in after effects to accurately reflect the final type size, with the scale attribute at 100%.


      For example:

      In photoshop, set type at a point size of 72

      Using the free transform tool, scale the type layer up 150%. Type point size is now 108.

      Import into after effects as a comp. Convert layers to editable text. Point size in after effects is still 72, and the layer itself shows a scale value of 150%.


      Why does this happen? Is there a work around?


      Mac OS 10.9.5; Photoshop CC 2014; After Effects CC 2014

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This happens because the convert to editable type function uses the character information only and not the scale information that you may have applied in Photoshop.


          It is the same with all layers. Create a smart object in Photoshop, transform it to 50% scale then import as a composition and you will find the scale of the imported layer is 100% not 50%.

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            markm69192793 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer, but that's not what is happening. In my example above, the character information in photoshop shows a point size of 108. After importing and converting to editable text in after effects, the character panel shows a point size of 72 and a scale value of 150%. After Effects is ignoring the final point size and instead is using a combination of the original type size plus the amount the layer itself was scaled.


            If I convert the type layers into smart objects in photoshop before importing into after effects, the layers no longer contain text data and can't be converted.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Not true. You need to understand what typographic measure mean in relation to document DPI and that is always what it comes down to. There's no easy way to explain this, but suffice it to say that AE operates on assumed 72 DPI all the way, hence all such unit conversions happen based on that assumption, which sort of explains the seemingly crooked values. And PS' way of storing the editable data differently from the visible result doesn't make things easier, too. Either way, perhaps your workflow is simply not ideal. In fact I always have tried to use native text formatting instead of arbitrary transforms for the exact reasons that got you in a pinch now - transform operations don't yield replicable results.