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    Deleting my project on Adobe Portfolio deleted my project on Behance

    yenap33353244 Level 1

      I'm very frustrated.

      First of all, it was the first attempt trying to use Adobe Portfolio and it is not easy to figure out as exploring.

      It's cool that it syncs Behance projects into Adobe Portfolio. I really need to build my portfolio so I wanted to try out with Adobe Portfolio.

      My Behance only had old projects (still would love to put in my portfolio). so ON ADOBE PORTFOLIO (not on Behance website) page, I started removing those old projects because figuring out building new pages wasn't that easy on Adobe Portfolio. and Old projects I wanted to put it at the very end.

      WTF?!?!?!?!? Removing my projects on ADOBE PORTFOLIO that brought from Behance deleted ALL PROJECTS on BEHANCE AS WELL!!!!!!

      There was NO WARNING projects will be deleted on Behance as well when you remove projects that is on "building portfolio" on ADOBE PORTFOLIO. NOW there is NO WAY for me to access those old project to put it on my portfolio.


      IS THERE ANY WAY CAN BACK UP ALL MY PROJECTS (like how Dropbox backs and can restore deleted files) ????


      Please Help.