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    How can I open newer .PDFX files in iPhone?


      I was trying to open a PDFX file on my iPhone but it says it can't preview the file. Regular PDF files can be opened without any problem. How will I resolve this problem?

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi fxlorenzo,


          Would like to know which application this file is being created.Also check with other file of same format to replicate is this happening with this file or with others as well.

          Also update the Adobe Reader Application on your mobile device .





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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

            Hi fxlorenzo,


            By 'PDFX', are you referring to the PDF ISO standard PDF/X?


            PDF/X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


            Do you know which application generated the file with the '.pdfx' file extension?


            The Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile apps (including Acrobat Reader for iOS on iPad/iPhone) do not recognize or support the '.pdfx' file extension.


            Would you please change the file extension to '.pdf' (without 'x') and see if the file opens in any PDF viewer applications?


            Thank you.

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              fxlorenzo Level 1

              I don’t know what the pdf/x is but the file has an extension o “.pdfx” and I can open it with the Adobe Acrobat DC reader. It is an interactive pdf file because you could click on some links and opens in a web browser. I also have to enter a  password to view the file.


              These files were created by the newer version of Acrobat DC I believe. I downloaded them from a site after I paid for it. These are review materials for my California Supplemental Exam. I have them saved in my OneDrive for the intent that I could open them with my iPhone but I could not. I could access them with my laptop but not initially until I installed the free Adobe Acrobat DC reader.


              I tried opening the file on my laptop and saving it as a .pdf file to test what you recommended. Then I grabbed my iPhone and tried to open the new file and “WALA”, it worked. The irony though is that I now couldn't open the file on my laptop. I now have an error message "There was an error opening this document. Acrobat cannot decrypt this document". I guess, I'll just have two versions of the file for both file extensions.


              Thanks MobileDevCK!