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    Purchase lost after chat with support telling me to delete authorisation

    tobias s30642168

      Purchased a content  on Feb 3. Opened it on one computer. Filled in with all adobe id information but accidentally with the Checkbox "without ID" checked. Now found out I can not open content on second computer authorised with adobe id. Asked support to reset authorisation. Told me to delete the activation on the one computer which works and now I am unable to download and watch the content on any computer anymore. Authorisation fails on one computer saying the purchase is not linked to my account anymore and the other saying that the content is used on another account already.


      Support chat said there is nothing wrong with my account activations and there is nothing they can do.


      What to do? Needed the book for a class tomorrow, but not it is too late. But how about getting my purchase back for the next lecture?