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    Where are my Bubbles in Adobe Capture?


      I just downloaded Adobe Capture CC for my iPhone. Everything works like all the tutorials I've seen so far, aside from Looks.


      Looks doesn't give me that cloud of bubbles which people use to select and emphasize colors. Instead, I have a band of colors at the bottom and no way to manipulate them. As a filmmaker and colorist, I was really excited by this color selection method and would like to know what happened, or how I can reset it to the bubble cloud.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Sam,


          The latest version of Capture CC (updated about a week ago) has a new UI for Looks. But the functionality is the same. The 3D balls have been replaced by the gradient strip. Length color corresponds to the whole of the ball. Choose a color chip instead of a ball.


          There is no toggle to set it back to the previous bubble cloud.


          Hope that helps.



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            samwisegrangee Level 1



            Thanks for the update. How can you choose a color chip or change the tone of a chip?


            As ever,


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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              It's a bit different but the color functionality ends up being the same.... Once you capture a set of colors you're happy with, tap the shutter release. As soon as you do that, it opens a screen with all the colors you're captured. You're able to go through them applied to a sample image. If you're happy with it, tap Next to get to the Save screen. If you're not, tap Refine to go back and edit what you've captured.


              Let me know if that doesn't help.



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                ironchef_marc Level 1

                I was looking for the 3d bubbles too. I guess none of the videos or tutorial have been updated in a while.


                Now with the colour strip how do I select a dominant colour?

                I find the edit function with the sample image not representative at all. No matter what input file I have, the sample image always looks the same so it's editing completely blind. What are supposed to be those thumbnails at the bottom? The second always shows lots of magenta even if the input file has none, basically the sample image colour palette looks nothing like the one I am trying to emulate.

                Am I missing something?

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  Sorry for taking so long to respond.  The UI for Looks changed a few updates ago and, unfortunately, the tutorials haven't yet been updated. So it's a bit confusing. (Although, it's less confusing to me now than it was with the bubbles.)


                  When you're first choosing your image, you'll see the dominant color (it will be the widest color bar) before tapping the shutter.  As soon as you tap the shutter, those color bars revert to thumbnails across the bottom of the screen with the color bars underneath them.


                  The way  you choose the dominant color for the Look is by scrolling those thumbnail/color images. Any color you select will shift the tone of the video clip. The slider changes the intensity of the color. Once you've settled on the thumbnail and the slider, click Next and it will save those choices


                  It's relatively easy to get used to how it works with a couple of basic experiments:

                  1. Use a grayscale image.

                  2. Use a highly saturated three or four color image.


                  Let me know if that helps. (Or if I've made it even harder to understand.)



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                    ironchef_marc Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply Sue.


                    I mostly want to use this feature with images I find on the internet. Hoping to capture and recreate a specific colour grading that I like in a reference image. As I was explaining I find the thumbnails for the dominant colour look always the same. For instance the second one is pinkish-magenta even if the input file as none. So that`s why I`m confused. I`ve experimented with the various options and the sliders I can`t seem to get anything that resemble the original input. So maybe it`s still being developed and fixing bugs. I was really hoping it would create a LUT and take me close to where I want my image/video to be.

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                      I don't know too much about the algorithm for pulling colors, but someone from the video team answered a similar question not too long ago. Maybe there's some useful information in it for you? It's here:Capture Looks CC - how it works?