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    Buttons in PDF that do not work in combined document


      Hi, I have three documents that are created in Adobe InDesign and exported to a PDF. I then take the three PDF's and combine them into one document. When I check the individual documents all of the buttons work fine. When the document is combined, that is when I encounter my problem. The buttons that I created do not work. Part 1 of the document has a button that works on the first 20 pages and it works correctly. Part 2 of the document the button is suppose to work and does not for the second 20 pages. Part 3 of the document the button works on all 20 of those pages. Before I combine the three documents all buttons work. The only ones that do not work are the middle 20 after it is combined. I have looked at the properties of the button on these pages and they are set up exactly like the other 40 buttons. I looked at the properties of the InDesign file and those properties are the same. I have replaced the pages. That did not work. I have deleted those 20 pages and re-added them and then did a Save-as and saved the document. This did not work. I do not know what else to do but I need to figure out why this is happening because I have 60 more documents to combine....