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    Installation Problems on Windows XP

    sukha Level 1
      I am trying to install Adobe Flex Builder 3 on a Windows XP machine with service pack 2. I have downloaded it from the Adobe Website. When I run the installer file it initializes till 100% then it asks me to choose another location. I have tried installing it in the following location. C:\Program Files\Adobe. I have also tried to change the location to D:\
      The following is my system Configuration
      1 GB of RAM
      40 GB Hard disk with enough free space to install Flex
      Can anyone help me in this?
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          robbyk87 Level 1
          very strange couple of things you could try:

          1. Clean your registry (if you have installed flex builder before there mgiht be conflicts - though there sure as hell shouldn't be)

          2. Try installing as a different user (make sure ur an admin too)

          3. Try a different installation software

          4. If you are using 64bit O/S make sure the path is to the 32bit compatable program files folder.

          Maybe these will help but as I said very strange thing to happen with SP2
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            sukha Level 1
            Thanks for your help. But a couple of points
            1) I am installing Flex 3 for the first time and do not have any previous versions
            2) I am installing the software on a standalone machine so i am the only user
            3) Can you elaborate on a different installation software.
            4) I am using a 32bit O/S
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              robbyk87 Level 1
              Sorry different installation software is only for linux - forgot about that.

              Does your pc have any problems with other installations?

              Also have you re-downloaded the file via a different method (different browser - firefox maybe or downloadmanager)

              But tbh it sounds like your installation manager - more specifically the destination address for the install process is a bit messed up - only way I can think to fix this is to re-download the installer package

              http://www.microsoft.com/downloadS/details.aspx?familyid=5A58B56F-60B6-4412-95B9-54D056D6F 9F4&displaylang=en (i think thats it..)

              Or try a windows repair or re-download the flex builder via different method.

              One last thing I can suggest (probably try this first) is to restart and install in safe-mode (F8 key on start up I think in XP).

              Let me know how it goes - good luck!
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                sukha Level 1
                I downloaded Mozilla Firefox browser and from Firefox re-downloaded the Adobe Flex Builder software. The installation worked.

                Prior to this also tried installing in safe mode and also downloaded the Microsoft installer package. But it didn't work.

                Many thanks for all the great information above.

                One thing I would like to know would the 1 GB RAM pose any performance issues?