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    import trouble in Lr5


      When importing (add) folders from my hard disk into Lr 5.6 catalog it seems to recognise al the pics, listing the number and total memory usage. However it doesn't complete loading dates and also has trouble with the thumbnails. It lists all the thumbnails but doesn't show a pic. If I click on a thumbnail it shows the pic full size ok though. If I try to "import" anyway … well it doesn't.


      I can do the import with my old Lr ver3 then upgrade the catalog for the ver 5, so there is probably no properties trouble with my data folders or files.


      Any ideas ?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Describe this in a lot more detail, or show us a screen capture of the problem. If there is an error message, please tell us the complete exact unedited word-for-word error message.

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            patrickm62450444 Level 1

            Pics of the situation is a good idea, I've taken some screenshots ... I hope they help.2016-02-08_023450.jpg

            Adding folder to new catalog, part way thru reading. No trouble.


            All pics read, total seems fine.


            It seems that Loading dates is endless ... I could wait an hour and it would not change.


            Only 50 pics are visible as thumnails, they are a mix of 20 year old shots, scans and new pics.

            I don't see a reason for them to be shown while others are not.

            If I click on the blank thumbs the correct image is displayed.


            After starting the actual import "add", the 50 shown images are imported.

            The program is trying to import the others but doesn't. See status bar at top left.

            It seems to be zero and if I quit the program it tells me that there is an unfinished prcess.


            2 hours later and there is no change ... but also no error messages.

            The catalog lists the 2 folders that contain the trouble free 50 images only.

            As I stated in my initial post importing the exact same folder in Lr 3.3 goes without hitch.

            I even did a ver 6 (cc) trial which also had no trouble.

            Only my standalone ver 5.6 does this.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              What happens if you remove the videos from the folder before importing?

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                patrickm62450444 Level 1

                I went one step better, and easier, I selected a much smaller folder with no videos.


                The result is similar except there are no thumbs with pics at all.


                Loading dates is in endless mode again.

                I didn't try to import as the same problem appears to be there.