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    Consistently get BSOD only when using Lightroom CC



      For the past several months I have been getting the BSOD with the message WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR only when using Lightroom CC 2015.  I have a custom made PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 with an msi H97 Guard-Pro motherboard, Intel Core i7 processor, 32 GB DDR3 Ram, and an NVIDIA GTX 760 video card.  I have stress tested the Ram using Memtest 86, updated the chipset and the BIOS to latest versions and have also removed the video card and replaced it with another older version NVIDIA card and have used Speccy to check and verify proper operation of all the pertinent parameters.  The system has also been checked by an independent technician - all to no avail.  The memory dump file shows the hal.dll to be the cause of the crash at crash address ntoskrnl.exe+142770.  I would suspect some type of hardware issue, as many others do, but the fact that I can use the computer for hours and even days doing all sorts of other tasks using other applications without any problems, then use Lightroom for ten minutes or less and the crash occurs - consistently, makes me wonder.  I have turned off the GPU and also uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom several times, all to no avail.  I have also tried to replicate this crash using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.  They work consistently without any crashes.  Can anyone help?